In foreground Hippocampe, to far right transfer version of beach wheelchair, centre back Roll on/off chair.

In the photograph you can get an idea of the size of the equipment we use to help people acces the beaches at Blyth and Tynemouth. Below is our Blyth container.
We are hoping to have North Tyneside council's approval for an architect designed, disguised container to be situated on the lower Promenade at Whitley Bay.

We are happy for anyone who has influence to help our cause in this regard. If you meet your councillor, please  mention us. Thanks.

Here is the website for North Tyneside:

We now have a container for storage at Blyth, located near to the Blyth Battery, which is also the end of the beach with the working access slope.

Thanks to everyone who signed our e-petion to Northumberland County Council, and for everyone who continues to promote our charity to local councils and organisations.